Gun Meme of the Day: They Shoot Dogs, Don’t They? Edition


Let me start by stating the obvious – I am NOT recommending this course of action. You do what’s best for you.

Having gotten the legal s*** out of the way, one of my law school study group members was born and grew up on a ranch in Colorado. The subject of ‘uncontrolled dogs’ came up, and he very calmly said, “Yeah, we had a few @$$holes move out of the city to places near us, and bring their dogs. We started losing the barn cats, young calves, broke in to our hen house, and other stuff. We went and talked to the neighbors, told them about the problem, and they laughed at us. The next night, I stayed up late watching, and when the dogs came, I gut shot them with a .22, so they’d die in pain, but be able to get home, so they could die in front of their owners. We never had a problem with dogs again.”

Anyone who would knowingly allow their dog to do that, or even just run loose without supervision, is no dog owner; their just @$$holes.

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