German arms manufacturer to supply 35mm ammunition to unnamed customers

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German defense company Rheinmetall announced contracts from unnamed NATO  customers to supply 35mm ammunition.

According to a press release from Rheinmetall, deliveries will take place in 2023 and 2024 and the contract is worth a total of around €20 million ($21.3 million).

Between 2023 and 2024, Rheinmetall will supply the customer countries with various types of ammunition in 35mm x 228 caliber for infantry fighting vehicles. Rheinmetall works continuously with the user nations to further develop the combat capability of the system.


Against the background of changes in the security situation, many NATO and NATO partner countries have an increasing need for modern ammunition. Rheinmetall offers its customers an extensive portfolio in this regard and is adapting to the higher demand.

Rheinmetall provides a comprehensive medium-caliber ammunition portfolio for its own and other cannons. The portfolio covers a broad range of mission profiles and targets and allows for minimizing the number of required ammunition types balancing performance with logistics.

The ammunition combines a high penetration performance, versatility, reliability, low dispersion and handling safety. Corresponding target practice and drill rounds complete the portfolio.


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