‘Erratic’ Aggressor Threatens the Wrong Person – and his Child – at a Yakima, WA Dog Park

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Osgood dog labrador
Dan Z. for TTAG

Americans generally love their pets, especially man’s best friend. While dogs tend to protect their owners, their owners usually reciprocate the feelings. But when an “erratic” aggressor in Yakima, Washington threatened a dog-owning concealed carry licensee along with his child recently…well, you don’t need a Ouija board to see where things headed.

Another media outlet reported that the suspect, Daniel Ortega, acted aggressively to multiple people before threatening the CCW holder. The good guy with the gun reportedly tried to de-escalate and walk away, but the attacker, 22-year-old Daniel Ortega, didn’t respond to verbal warnings. Ortega was shot and killed.

After an investigation, the Yakima PD released the defender, sans his gun, without charges. As a police news release said . . .

Multiple interviews of involved parties and witnesses corroborated what was believed to have occurred. After consultation with the Yakima County Prosecutor, the man who discharged the firearm in the incident was released after cooperating with detectives. 

The county prosecutor will make a “formal decision” regarding any charges related to the shooting.

From the Yakima Herald-Republic . . .

A man shot and killed another man who threatened his child on Sunday afternoon at the Randall dog park in Yakima, police said.

Multiple people called 911 around 2:30 p.m. to report a man was acting erratically at Randall dog park, 1399 S. 48th Ave., according to a Yakima Police Department news release.

The man, later identified as Daniel Ortega, 22, of Yakima was interacting with another man and his child at the park, and “attempted to endanger the life of the small child with his words and actions,” the police news release said.

The father told Ortega to leave his family alone, and attempted to leave the park, the release said. When his attempts to de-escalate the incident failed, the 28-year-old Yakima man “discharged his legally owned firearm in defense of himself and his child,” the release said.

Ortega learned the hard way not to threaten other people, let alone their children. Frankly, threatening other peoples’ pets also scores highly on things to do if you want to get hurt.

Fortunately for the defender, Yakima is in south-central Washington, a good distance outside the Seattle-Tacoma area of influence. We’re anxious to see what the county prosecutor decides.



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