Does Anyone Think Biden’s Seen the Latest Polls on Support for Gun Control? Anyone?

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From the CCRKBA

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today is calling on President Joe Biden to acknowledge the results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released this week showing 51 percent of Americans oppose a ban on so-called “assault weapons,” a 10-point rise in opposition since 2019.

“The poll results were available a full day ahead of Biden’s State of the Union address,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, “yet there he was Tuesday night, telling Congress and the American people to ‘ban assault weapons now,’ as if ordained by some higher power to ignore the Constitution and stigmatize millions of law-abiding gun owners just to enjoy a brief moment of manufactured drama near the end of his speech.”

Biden’s gun prohibition crusade dates back decades. A perennial anti-gunner, he let slip during a CNN Townhall broadcast in 2021 that he not only wants to ban semiautomatic rifles, he wants to ban the most popular pistols in America as well.

CCRKBA national television advertising, viewed by millions of Americans, included Biden’s unintentional admission during that Townhall session, “Whether it’s a 9mm pistol or a rifle, it is ridiculous. I am continuing to push to eliminate the sale of those things.” Thanks to that advertising effort, the public now realizes Biden’s true goal is to ban all privately owned firearms, one step at a time, and they don’t support him.

“This is such a dramatic shift in public opinion that not even Joe Biden and his speechwriters could claim not to have noticed,” Gottlieb observed. “The White House pays attention to polling, so we can only conclude the president was hoping nobody would notice. Well, we did, and we’re calling him out. He can’t just sweep this new survey under the rug.

“Biden needs a bogey man cause,” he continued, “and guns have always been his favorite target. It’s easy to demonize firearms when you’ve got an establishment media to parrot, rather than challenge, anything you say because much, if not most, of the press is ignorant about guns and the millions of citizens who own them.

“But,” Gottlieb stated, “the public appears to be catching on, even if the White House press corps is oblivious. We’re encouraged by the new poll results because they suggest people are finally figuring out that the problem isn’t guns, but the policies of this administration and Biden’s allies on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures. The country is changing course and Biden should get aboard. He needs to abandon the ship of gun prohibition because it has clearly run aground, is taking on water and is sinking.”

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