Criminals Take Advantage of Winter Storm Power Outages

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Unfortunately, this is our new normal, a world where criminals now have full reign to loot, steal, and terrorize our communities because politicians have abandoned law and order and opted for chaos so they can usher in the Great Reset!

Starting on Christmas, criminals across New York began looting and terrorizing communities as winter storms caused power outages. Of course, the democrat governor blamed it not on the criminals but the store owners, claiming this was because of “price gougers”

“Price gouging is illegal. We have the attorney general’s office and our state is prepared to investigate any complains of price gouging,” Hochul said. “Those who engage in this disgusting practice at a time when people in our community are hurting, when they’re trying so hard to get basic necessities, there’s a scarcity because stores have been closed since Friday, then shame on them. And they’re going to meet the law in a way they probably didn’t encounter. We’re going to be going after them.

Twitter began tagging the videos as “sensitive content”, because you can’t have the world knowing who is actually doing this!

Coming to a city near you! Are you Prepared?

As I’ve pointed out in my bookThe Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World, and as we constantly warn our readers on OFFGRID Survival, these types of events are becoming an everyday occurrence in this country.

The Ghettoization of our culture and our country are the biggest threats we face! If you are not preparing for social unrest, YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!


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