Chicago Prosecutors: Three Shots To The Head Is Clearly Self-Defense

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Chicago Police wanted murder charges to be filed after a felon illegally carrying a gun shot a man repeatedly, killing him. Not only did Juan Ferba, 26, fire at least 14 rounds, striking Kristopher Willett a number of times — including three times in the head — but Ferba also hit a woman on a CTA bus with an errant round.

However, Cook County’s Soros-funded State’s Attorney Kim Foxx looked at the case and pronounced it…self-defense. Now Mr. Ferba is only facoing charges related to being a felon in possession of a firearm rather than a murder rap.

Should Mr. Ferba be able to scrape up and post $1000 in cash, he can go home ahead of a trial.

CWB Chicago has more

Chicago police say they know who fatally shot a man outside a South Side liquor store and shot a woman who was sitting on a nearby CTA bus in December. But prosecutors refused to charge the suspect with shooting either person due to “self-defense,” according to court records and the man’s defense attorney.

Instead, Juan Ferba, 26, is charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm — the gun officials say video footage shows him using to shoot both people.

Chicago police arrested Ferba on Tuesday with plans to charge him with murder and attempted murder, according to a CPD arrest report. But a prosecutor in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office “rejected the first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder charge for self-defense,” a police supervisor wrote in the report…

A 21-year-old woman seated inside a nearby CTA bus was shot in her hand, officials said. Video aired by ABC7 on the night of the shooting showed at least four bullet holes in the bus windows.

But Ferba’s defense attorney reminded Judge Susana Ortiz that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office refused to charge him with any wrongdoing related to the shooting allegations.

“They allege he had a firearm, but there’s no indication it was ever found in his possession,” the lawyer argued.

The old “it wasn’t me” defense.

After confirming that Ferba was not facing any charges other than gun possession, Judge Susana Ortiz ordered him to pay a $1,000 bail deposit to go home on electronic monitoring. He is due in court again on January 18.

And people wonder why Chicago has a violent crime problem.


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