Center-Drive Multitool Makes Debut in Gerber Custom Lineup

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The Gerber Center-Drive, one of the company’s most successful recent multitool releases, has just joined the ranks of the Gerber Custom project. Now you can custom order a Center-Drive, tweaking colors, engravings, and even the tool loadout itself.

Quick refresher on the Center-Drive: this bad boy, announced in 2017, was big news in the multitool world. Gerber was an established titan in the genre before then, but the Center-Drive was something new: a full-sized pliers-based MT with a long bit driver arm, bigger and more robust than the drivers on most other multitools of the time. This gave users much more torque and control in use, bringing the feel of the driver tool more in line with actual screwdrivers than the always somewhat compromised components of the average multitool loadout.

The Gerber Custom Center-Drive doesn’t abandon this signature feature, but it does offer one very interesting option in the customization tabs. You can actually tweak the tool loadout, choosing between either a secondary, serrated saw blade (which is what comes on the standard Center-Drive) or, for the first time on this model line, a pair scissors; besides this alteration the tool choice is unchanged from the base version.

And of course, this very practical custom consideration comes alongside addition to the expected cosmetic stuff that every Gerber Custom inductee gets. There are different color schemes for the frame, graphics and etching options for the main blade – you can even choose between a leather or a nylon sheath to suit your preferences.

The Gerber Custom Center-Drive is available now – although be warned that some particular combinations are currently out of stock.

Featured Image: Gerber Custom Center-Drive

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