Homeowners lucky enough to live in a warm climate may already be working on ways to spruce up their backyards, while those in the middle of winter dream of the day when they start working outside. Planning is essential, so there’s no wrong time to start thinking about how to make the backyard a beautiful oasis.

backyard with a lawn

Keep reading for some great tips on adding flair to the backyard.

Selecting the Right Lawn Products

Green lawns are essential for families who spend time outdoors. Not only do they look nice, but they are more enjoyable for playing, picnicking, and relaxing. Homeowners may find choosing the right grass seeds can be challenging. The seed must align with the climate, the Hydrate use, the property’s geography, and the shade the grass gets. Be sure to choose the right seeds for the yard.

Hydrate Lawns Deeply

Watering lawns frequently for short periods will cause the grass to have shallow roots. Shallow roots can not reach the nutrients deep in the soil nor deliver water when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Always water grass so it penetrates the soil four to six inches deep. After watering the ground for thirty minutes, pull out a wedge of grass to see if the watering has penetrated four to six inches. If not, water for a little bit longer.

Add a Garden

Larger backyards can host beautiful vegetable and herb gardens. They can add to the charm of a yard. Even small yards can use raised beds to give that beauty and function to a backyard.

Add Mood Lighting

Adding nicely placed lighting makes a backyard safer and improves the ambiance and landscape. There are many lighting options like solar, string, lantern, and spotlights. Homeowners can also hire outdoor landscape lighting companies for more advanced lighting options.

amazing small backyard

Upgrade Outdoor Furniture

Retire outdoor furniture that has seen better days and consider investing in a new set. Always try furniture before you buy it. Choose weather-resistant materials. Rattan and softwood may look great, but they don’t always last long. Choose furniture that is the right size and style for the outdoor space.

Pick a Focal Point

Make the outdoors feel more intentional by choosing a specific focal point. Benches, sculptures, water features, ornamental shrubs, and birdbaths are just a few options for focal points. They give homeowners a chance to show their personality and style.

Use Pops of Color to Brighten the Backyard

Dress up the deck, patio, or backyard with a display of colorful pots and birdhouses. Choose bright flowers that complement the color of the containers. Homeowners can use craft paint or spray paints to make inexpensive pots of any color. This is another way to bring out the creativity and personality of homeowners.

Add Bird Feeders

Try adding a variety of bird feeders to a backyard space to bring in birds. Hummingbirds zoom through the sky performing amazing acrobatics. Suet feeders will bring brightly colored cardinals and blue jays. Birds make a great conversational topic as well.

Use Tall Grasses

Homeowners can create more privacy by planting tall ornamental grasses around seating and conversational areas. Even waist-high grasses will shield fire pits and Adirondack chairs since these seating areas are low to the ground. There are many ways to make a backyard beautiful and relaxing. From landscaping to decorating, homeowners have many possibilities.