Big Tech wants to Phase out Human Interactions and Strap you into an AR-Style Matrix

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was an eye-opener! It seems the Future of tech is phasing out human interactions and creating an AI world where health-obsessed people strap into a real-world matrix through AR/VR headsets — then robots and AI decide everything for you!

As we talked about numerous times throughout the great COVID scam, none of this was ever about a virus – it was about fundamentally changing the way you live and beating you down so you would accept the new world they want to force upon you. From tracking technologies and constant health monitoring to a future where people are plugged into an AR world, big business has decided they no longer want you in control – they want AI to take over.

Yes, they were still wearing masks everywhere! These people’s minds have been taken over by the mainstream media and big government propaganda! They want to be plugged in and escape reality into the new augmented reality world!

CES this year not only lacked real humans showing up to the show in Las Vegas – the show was half the attendance of what it was pre-COVID – but it really didn’t need humans. It seemed that was the point of this year’s show — big business and big government has no need for actual people, you are no longer needed or wanted! They are building a world that has phased you out, where AI not only tracks your every movement but eventually plugs you into an AR world and makes you forget about reality.

Welcome to the Matrix!!!

Your New Reality

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality are interchangeable buzzwords that were everywhere at this years Consumer Electronics Show. Here is what the terms mean…

  • Virtual Reality: Immerses the user in a 100% artificial reality, known as VR.
  • Augmented Reality: A graphical overlay of virtual objects within the so-called real-world, known as AR.
  • Mixed Reality: A combination of VR and AR, known as MR.

What the words/tech really means is they want you in a world where they control every aspect of your life! Augmented reality will fundamentally change all aspects of society and what people consider reality. One of its creators, Louis Barry Rosenberg, warns the so-called metaverse could make reality disappear!

“The shared experience we call “civilized society” is quickly eroding, largely because we each live in our own data bubble, everyone being fed custom news and information (and even lies) tailored to their own personal beliefs.” … “Faster than any of us can imagine, we will become thoroughly dependent on the virtual layers of information projected all around us. It will feel no more optional than internet access feels optional today” … ” This will leave us increasingly susceptible to manipulations and distortions by those who can afford to pull the strings. If we are not careful now, AR could easily be used to fracture society, pushing us from our own information bubbles into our own custom realities, further entrenching our views and cementing our divisions, even when we are standing face-to-face with others in what feels like the public sphere.”


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