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Best Practices For Construction Site Security

Construction sites are often soft targets for ill-intended and opportunistic individuals. Theft is a continuous threat for any construction project may it be commercial or residential construction. You have to be vigilant 24/7 and tackle those wanting to get their hands on materials, machinery, and other supplies illegally. Therefore, construction sites require a sophisticated security system to work as a deterrence mechanism and as collective evidence in case a crime occurs.

Construction projects, whether commercial or residential, experience $300 million to $1 billion in site thefts yearly. These are some concerning figures. Construction projects are already budget-intensive and losses in terms of theft is the last scenario a manager wants their project to be in. The lost materials, tools, and equipment also cause project delays.

Therefore, construction site security is an important money-saving strategy. For every stolen or damaged material and tool, there must be a replacement which adds time and money to every project. The following blog enlists some of the best practices that you can adopt to make your construction site secure.

Add A Surveillance System

Adding video surveillance is the first step towards creating a robust hybridized construction site security plan. Video surveillance cameras can perform multiple functions including; providing a 3600 view of your site, 24/7 motion recording, long-range thermal detection. Combined with the proper software the cameras can also generate advanced analytics data.

You can also opt for live monitoring of your video surveillance system. This enables the on-duty individuals to directly deal with the suspects and contact concerned authorities in real-time.

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On-site Security Guards

The best aspect of having a deterrence mechanism against opportunistic thieves is having on-site security personnel. Ill-intended people tend to have special techniques to dodge technology. However, the presence of a security guard often makes them question their choices and shy away from their foul intentions.

Moreover, security guards can continuously communicate with the remote surveillance team, coordinate the situation and increase the response rate. Just the presence of security guards on the construction site is enough to provide strong visual deterrence.

Protect Your Perimeter And Interior

Effective use of locks, fences, and light are other powerful criminal deterrence in construction security. The use of locks should be an across-site practice to secure gates, vehicles, tools, equipment, and personnel cabins.

Bright lights should illuminate areas which would otherwise be dark. Dark sites serve as the best hiding place for criminal and adventurous people. Any mishap due to the presence of certain individuals and groups can result in arson causing legal difficulties for your project.

Register All Equipment

Every item on your construction site has a serial number, number plate, or other identification sign that you can register. Whether it is a small joist tool or a forklift everything should be properly registered. Everyone on the site should also be informed about the tools and equipment being recorded, this will provide you with a protective shield from intruders.

As a construction manager, you should be well-versed with the laws and regulations of your area about the insurance of materials and equipment. Having a construction material manager on board can also be beneficial. They will ensure check and balance in the issuance and return of the tools and equipment at the start and end of each workday.

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