Best Home Security in Columbus

The best home security system for your family depends on your priorities. Maybe you value the latest tech a national company provides. Maybe you like that local providers are more tied to your community.

Home security isn’t a one-size-fits-all service. Here are the top things to consider when picking out your perfect home security match.

Household type and composition

If you rent, look for wireless home security equipment that won’t damage your walls and is easy to take with you when your lease is up. If you’re a homeowner, consider the size of your property and the number of ground-floor access points. 

Do you live alone, or do you have others in the home like children or pets? If you have kids coming home on their own after school, you might want security cameras or a video doorbell in your system. (Video doorbells can help spot package deliveries and detect familiar faces too.) 

For pups who like to take off, look for motion sensors to tack onto a pet door or outdoor gate. If you have roommates, you may want to protect only your room, so look for a smaller DIY security system you can manage on your own.


Look into local crime stats, talk to neighbors, and connect with your neighborhood watch. You can also use neighborhood safety tools like Ring’s free Neighbors app. It gives you real-time updates from people in the neighborhood and provides crime reports from local law enforcement. If your neighborhood has a lot of vehicle break-ins, think about an outdoor security camera or a system that offers car security.

DIY vs. professional installation

If you’re into doing things yourself, then a DIY alarm system might be a better fit. SimpliSafe is our DIY recommendation, but there are other good options out there like Frontpoint. Want the convenience of letting someone else sweat during the install? Vivint does all the work for you and offers high-end equipment.

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