Armed American Chronicles: Concealed Carry Permit Holders Are Shooting Back in Chicagoland

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Screen capture by Boch via ABC7 Chicago.

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Aspiring holdup artists in Chicago, by and large, have operated with impunity. Out of 65 hold-ups recorded in less than a week, cops have made no arrests save for an unlucky crew that ran into a concealed carry holder.

That CCW holder took out all four members of the vehicular-borne team. Other gun-toting good guys and gals haven’t always fared so well. With almost 700 homicides for the year, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Murder City, USA has easily secured its place, once again, as America’s homicide capital.

Then there are the 100+ daily car thefts and carjackings. Chicago Police solve some serious crimes…once in a while. The bad news?  They only clear about 3.5% of the most serious crimes and about 7.7% of all reported offenses.

As a result, more and more prudent Chicagoans have strapped up in the face of widespread crime…no matter what Mayor Lightfoot thinks of their decision.

Cops were able to tag one stickup crew with several armed robberies after a CCW holder took down all four members. CWB Chicago has the details . . .

Officials said a 56-year-old man was smoking a cigarette in his truck with the window down when a dark sedan pulled up next to him in the 4700 block of West Arthington around 5:53 a.m. Monday.

Jeremiah Brown and a 15-year-old boy got out of the sedan, while two 16-year-old boys remained in the car, Assistant State’s Attorney LeRoy Martin III said.

Brown pulled out a 45-caliber handgun with an extended ammunition magazine and pointed it at the man’s head while asking for his property, Martin continued.

But the concealed carry holder had another idea. He “immediately” tried to take Brown’s gun by grabbing the extended magazine and then fought with Brown for control of the weapon, Martin said. When Brown asked the 15-year-old for help, the concealed carry holder removed his own firearm from its holster and fired three rounds.

Brown and the 15-year-old were each shot in their shoulders. A 16-year-old in the getaway car’s driver’s seat was shot in the temple and is critically wounded.

After taking a round to the melon, the driver lost control of the car and ran over the final member of the four-clown posse, inflicting a compound fracture to his leg which limited his ability to run (or even limp) away from the crime scene.

CWB Chicago has a second story about the same robbers – and how two of them were involved in another armed robbery in April where they lost another member of their team to another CCW holder’s gunshots.

There is an incredible twist to report regarding the three would-be robbers who crossed paths with a concealed carry holder after carrying out a series of armed holdups in Wicker Park on Monday morning. The armed citizen shot two of the robbers, and the third broke a leg when the driver of their getaway car, who had a gunshot wound to his temple, crashed while trying to flee the scene.

It turns out that two of the three robbers tried to carjack an Uber driver earlier this year, but the hijacking failed when the driver shot and killed their accomplice. …

A source confirmed that two teenagers involved in the April carjacking were also involved in the robbery attempt that went sideways on Monday morning. They were never charged with participating in the April crime. Both, however, have been arrested on other matters before, two sources said.

Two participants in a carjacking in which a third thug was shot and killed by a citizen…and they weren’t charged with murder. Cook County’s Soros-funded State’s Attorney didn’t charge them for the crime in April. That’s why they were armed and prowling the streets looking for some Christmas cash.

Sadly for them, they ran into another citizen carrying a gun. Maybe they should try their luck at another career.

This past weekend, right in the heart of the Chicago Loop at roughly Dearborn and Randolph, a carload of thieves tried to grab another ride. The owner went to confront a man who was already his car while the robbery crew waited in their SUV. The bad guys produced guns and the concealed carry license holder drew his pistol.

Witnesses who saw the shootout in downtown Chicago from their hotel room above the street.  Screencap by Boch via ABC7 Chicago.

In an exchange of gunfire with lots of witnesses in the busy neighborhood, the CCW holder hit two of the three occupants of the carjackers’ car. The CCW holder was uninjured, as was the robber who fled from the targeted car, but not before leaving tools and a phone in his haste to avoid ballistic perforation.

Screen capture by Boch via Google Maps.

CWB Chicago has that story as well.

A concealed carry holder shot two men during an exchange of gunfire in the heart of Chicago’s Loop early Saturday morning. It’s at least the third time in about a week that armed citizens have shot suspected offenders during the commission of crimes.

The victim was walking to his car from the Cambria Hotel, 32 West Randolph, when someone fired shots at him from a red SUV, according to Chicago police. He returned fire, and the SUV sped away. Meanwhile, another offender who was inside the victim’s parked car got out and ran from the scene. Officers said the offenders left a tool and a phone near the victim’s car.

Another story didn’t have a happy ending for a CCW holder who was attacked in her home. Home carry is a thing and unfortunately, the 22-year-old resident wasn’t carrying. When she tried to retrieve her gun, the intruder fought her for it and gained control of the gun.

Fox 32 has this one . . .

A woman was killed after being shot with her own gun by a home invader early Wednesday on the South Side.

Police say the 22-year-old victim was inside her home in the 9400 block of South St. Lawrence Avenue around 3:18 a.m. when a woman she did not know got inside and the two began to argue. 

The victim, who is a CCL holder, had her weapon taken by the home invader and was shot once in the chest.


Another 23-year-old woman faced down a carjacking team with more success. She shot one attacker in the head, ending his career. As she ran from her car, another of the carjacking team shot her in the left shoulder.  She got away and made it to the hospital.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, cops found a gentleman with a head wound in a stolen Kia not too far away.  Cops won’t say if the woman got a second member of the robbery crew, or if someone else punched his ticket.

CBS Chicago reports . . .

A woman who has a concealed carry license took on four armed men who tried to carjack her early Wednesday morning in the Calumet Heights neighborhood.

Police said a 23-year-old woman was sitting in her car shortly after 2 a.m. near 89th Street and Kenwood Avenue, when four men got out of a black sedan, and one of them tried to open her car door while flashing a gun.

The woman, who has a concealed carry license, shot that man in the head, then ran off from her car.

Another of the would-be carjackers shot the woman in the left arm…

A short time after that attack, a man was found shot and killed inside a stolen Kia, about 2.5 miles away in Chatham

Police said, around 2:15 a.m. an unidentified man was found in the passenger seat of a stolen black Kia Rio near 80th Street and King Drive, with a gunshot wound to the head.

Just another week or so in a big blue American city run by “progressives” who are re-thinking criminal justice. Obviously situational awareness and avoiding stupid places near stupid people at stupid times remain the best ways to avoid a criminal attacks. And carrying a firearm in increasingly recommended.

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