American Food Supply in Real Danger, expected to get worse in 2023

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American farmers and grocers are warning that some of the worst food shortages this country has ever seen could be right around the corner as government regulations, supply chain problems, labor shortages, and inflation are crushing the American food supply.

According to the USDA’s latest food price outlook, food prices rose over 10 percent in 2022, and 2023 is expected to be another year of trouble. In fact, they are saying things like Fats and oils are forecast to climb by 16.5%, cereals, and bakery products by 12%, and sugar and sweets by 10.6%.

Beef prices set to surge further as farmers sell off cattle herds

The latest figures from the US Department of Agriculture cattle-inventory report on Tuesday showed 89.3 million cattle as of Jan. 1, down 3% from a year ago.A recent poll showed that two-thirds of ranchers and livestock farmers reported selling off animals, with average herd sizes expected to be down 36%. The most significant herd declines are in Texas (down 50%), New Mexico (43%), and Oregon (41%), showing the wide geographic distribution of the problem.

The declining herd of beef replacement cows has fallen to 1962 levels. Ground beef prices per pound  are up 25% since early 2020 and more than 134% since 2009.

Cooking Oils are getting harder to find

Cooking oil, like sunflower and palm, will become harder and harder to find over the next year. According to the Brookings Institution, in 2020, 52% of globally traded sunflower seed and oil came from Ukraine. “Currently, edible-oil supply chains are disrupted, and edible-oil prices increased even higher than cereals prices,” the research group added. Moreover, there is a simultaneous palm oil shortage in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is the world’s leading palm oil producer, any ongoing supply issues only compound the potential problem of vegetable oil availability in 2023.

This year, according to Bloomberg, “worldwide olive oil production will drop by 11%” because of a Puglia crisis and a “plant-hampering 2022 heat wave in Spain, another olive oil hotbed.” In addition, according to a European Commission report, the current price of olive oil is up 19 percent above the five-year average in Spain. It has increased by 16 percent throughout the European Union.

Bread, Cereals, and Other Wheat Products

Ukraine and Russia typically produce around 30% of the world’s wheat exports. Since the war broke out between the two nations, the price of bread has shot up 15.7%. Cereal and bakery products have experienced a 16.4% hike in prices, and flour and other prepared flour mixes have seen an astonishing 24.9% price jump.

‘Enormous’ fertilizer shortage is a disaster waiting to happen!

Officials at the United Nations are warning about a growing crisis for fertilizers — an essential substance to boost soil fertility — as some countries are seeing prices that have soared by 300 percent since Russia’s war in Ukraine began. But even more worrying than the price increases is where most of our fertilizer comes from.

Almost all of the phosphorus that we use in our fertilizers comes from “non-renewable phosphate rock”, and 85% of the remaining global supply is located in just five countries.

Without phosphorus food cannot be produced, since all plants and animals need it to grow. Put simply: if there is no phosphorus, there is no life. As such, phosphorus-based fertilisers – it is the “P” in “NPK” fertiliser – have become critical to the global food system.

Most phosphorus comes from non-renewable phosphate rock and it cannot be synthesised artificially. All farmers therefore need access to it, but 85% of the world’s remaining high-grade phosphate rock is concentrated in just five countries (some of which are “geopolitically complex”): Morocco, China, Egypt, Algeria and South Africa.

A Government created egg shortage?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the bird flu has already killed off 58.2 million chickens and turkeys in the United States. But many egg producers are claiming that the real reason for the egg shortage is NOT avian flu, but government polices that are banning them from selling caged eggs. Egg producers are warning that not only have WOKE liberal policies devastated the industry, but some free-range farmers are claiming they are under attack by the government and the grocery industry itself.

While Democrats are claiming the shortages are due to a “pandemic” among chickens, saying that Avian flu has decimated the US egg-laying hen population at commercial farms, what they fail to mention is the fact that numerous democrats run states banned the sale of eggs from caged chickens, driving costs through the rood and causing widespread chaos throughout the industry.

Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have all committed to outlawing the sale of eggs from caged chickens.

2023 is going to be rough: Get ready for major food shortages!

Stephanie Nash, a Tennessee farmer and agricultural advocate, told FOX News: ‘I definitely think we have a food security threat. ‘I believe 2023 is going to be rough,’ she added. ‘Worse than this year.’

“2022 was a really hard year, I think there’s going to be a lot of shortages next year for sure.” … “We’re going to have a supply chain shortage, we’re going to have an increase in our food [prices] at the grocery store,’ she continued.

96 Food Processing Plants have been damaged or destroyed since Biden took office!

Economic Collapse Watch: Americans Resorting To Microloans to Buy Gas and Groceries!

As we reported last year, things are getting so bad that lenders are now starting programs to give out microloans to people who need help buying groceries and gas!

Get Ready for more shortages and chaos!

Make sure you start stocking up on the essentials – and that does not mean toilet paper!

The first thing you need to do, is make sure you have your essentials covered. The essentials include water, shelter, food, sanitation, medications, and personal security. I advise having no less than two weeks’ worth of food and water.  Once you hit that goal, you should set a goal for 3, 6, and 12 months’ worth of food.

Take the lessons that you have hopefully learned over the last three years, and start planning for things to get worse, far worse! None of this was ever about a magic virus or pandemic, it was about killing your spirit, killing the American Dream, and enacting total control on the populous!

Preparing to feed yourself and your family during the coming food shortage crisis

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