Aggressive Burglar is Permanently Retired After Trying to Disarm a Houston Good Samaritan

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Image via Houston Police (Twitter)

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Sometimes bad guys don’t really care if a good guy points a gun at them. Oftentimes they’ve seen the business end of a gun before and figure they’ll be just fine. That happened in Houston after a neighbor investigated suspicious noises coming from the house next door.

In the end, the neighbor interrupted a burglary in progress. Instead of simply running away or surrendering to the gun-toting neighbor, the bad guy decided he was going to try to take the gun away from the good Samaritan.

That didn’t end well for the burglar-turned-attacker. He absorbed at least one gunshot and succumbed to his injuries. The neighbor and other innocents remained physically unhurt.

KHOU has a few additional details . . .

…Police said a noise alerted the neighbor that something wasn’t right. When he went out to investigate, he spotted a man breaking into his neighbor’s empty home.

At some point, the man then lunged at the neighbor. Police said that’s when the neighbor fired a gun, which shot and killed the man. The neighbor stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police as their investigation continues.


Thank goodness the neighbor brought a mohaska with him to investigate the suspicious noises. Without it, the aggressive criminal might have turned a burglary scene into a murder scene.

Not only that, but the story should stand as yet another testament to the proven benefits of home carry. After all, bad guys don’t make appointments to commit their crimes. They tend to hit targets of opportunity.

Remember: The only thing that stops a bad guy with evil in his (or her) heart is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. Make sure you have yours if and when you need it.

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