A Beginner’s Guide to Using a Stun Baton: Tips, Advice, and More

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In the world of non-lethal self-defense weapons, there are hundreds of choices from which to choose. Stun guns, TASERs, tactical flashlights, batons—they all have their own set of benefits, drawbacks, and ideal-use applications. So which one is right for your unique needs? It should be one that intimidates and apprehends, if necessary, as well as one that offers additional functions to help keep you protected in many different scenarios.

One such weapon that meets all of these needs is the stun baton, one of the most popular, convenient, and adaptable defense weapons available. Read this in-depth guide to learn all there is to know about this powerful tactical tool, from how to use it properly to which model is best for your specific set of considerations. The Home Security Superstore is your top resource for life-saving self-defense weapons for absolutely any threatening scenario, and we are happy to help pair you with the right one.


A stun baton is an intimidating, non-lethal weapon that combines a police-grade baton with a high-voltage stun gun, usually featuring additional features such as flashlights, wrist straps, and holster holders. In short, a stun baton gives you multiple levels of self-protection, ranging from intimidation to physical force.

jolt peacemaker stun gun

JOLT Stun Batons

The combined functionality of the police-grade baton with the powerful, integrated stun gun makes this weapon different from any other tool available. Typically, stun batons have 12 million or more volts of electricity, allowing a defender to immediately incapacitate a perpetrator from a safe distance. All stun guns must make contact with the target in order to shock, so the longer design of the baton makes it possible to shock an assailant from several feet away. But, in an ideal situation, you won’t have to use any electrical force at all when wielding this device since the frightening-looking baton is often enough to intimidate a culprit into a non-threatening state. 

  • One Part Police-Grade Baton – The intimidation factor of this device comes from the fact that it’s also a police-grade baton. Usually made of either carbon, aluminum, or steel, the rechargeable baton is coated with a rubber grip, making it great for striking. The baton may also be equipped with stun gun strips on the side or rough edges to prevent the culprit from grabbing it during engagement. 
  • One Part High-Voltage Stun Gun – If wielding a heavy steel baton doesn’t scare your target, the stun gun component certainly will. These batons deploy millions of volts of electricity to an assailant, rendering him immediately incapacitated. From afar, it’s not obvious that the defender has a stun gun in possession—to an assailant, the weapon simply looks like a heavy-duty baton—giving you a major defensive advantage in scenarios requiring quick-thinking.
  • One Part Tactical-Grade Flashlight – The cherry on top of any good stun baton is a tough, tactical flashlight. Ultra-bright LED flashlights keep you safe by detecting threats early and blinding targets so you can quickly jump to action. The handy flashlight feature is also ideal for keeping you safe when you’re traveling at night, whether you’re walking to your car in a dark parking lot or are out for an evening stroll with your dog. Most devices have multi-mode light options, such as high beam, low beam, and strobe. 
stun baton graphic


  • Make Sure It’s Charged – Unlike a gun or a non-powered police baton, a stun gun wand requires a power reserve to work at its best when you need it the most. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with any stun gun is having it uncharged in a threatening situation. Most batons come with wall chargers that power them quickly, but make sure you have a backup for the car or office.
  • Keep It on Your Person – If legal, those who find themselves in threatening scenarios even on very rare occasions should think about keeping a mini stun gun baton on their person in plain view, such as on a utility belt, as an overt means of intimidation. Most of these devices come with a metal belt clip that allows them to seamlessly integrate into a tactical belt. You may also prefer to conceal the device—but be sure to keep it at arm’s reach so it can be deployed quickly.
  • Test Fire Before Use – Testing any TASER or stun gun in a safe, controlled environment will help ensure that a potentially threatening situation doesn’t go wrong. Spend some time in the backyard, away from any real target, learning how to use it. Note that some stun guns only show a single electrical arc to the naked eye, but you can test-fire on a piece of paper to see all the arcs.
  • If Possible, Deploy from Afar – One of the most obvious benefits of this type of self-defense weapon is that it provides a long reach, allowing you to deploy force and threat from a safe distance. The batons themselves are typically somewhere between 11 and 20 inches long, already providing you with a safe buffer zone from which to apprehend an attacker.
  • Don’t Discount the Flashlight – The flashlight is one of the most valuable features of a solid baton stun gun, as it helps you easily scare, identify, and target an assailant. If the device has different flashlight modes and controls, be sure to learn them all and know them by heart so you’re able to cycle through them quickly in the dark, especially in instances where time is of the essence.

safety tech metal stun baton

Stun Baton


As you can see, this device is an enormously versatile tool for a wide range of potentially life-threatening situations, but who should use it? Both law enforcement and the general public can benefit from owning a stun gun wand, but some of the most beneficial candidates include:

  • Elderly or Disabled Adults – This highly targeted group can benefit greatly from such a tool. In fact, we carry special batons that look like canes specifically for this population. Older adults can carry a stun gun cane to throw off assailants, making them think their target is completely innocuous when, in fact, they are packing million-plus volts of stopping power. Any older adult who regularly finds themselves in precarious situations should own a stun gun walking cane.
  • Professionals Who Deal with Animals – The stun gun baton is consistently rated among the top self-defense weapons for dog attacks. To survive an attack waged by an angry dog, the defender must be quick-thinking and highly targeted with their defense. Stun gun batons are smart options for animal control professionals, police officers, or others who need the ability to temporarily incapacitate an animal on command.
  • Anyone in Need of Versatile Self-Defense – Security guards, bouncers, bicyclists, delivery drivers, shop owners, and all forms of law enforcement are among the most apparent candidates for a stun baton. But, remember, it takes a perpetrator just seven seconds to size up his next victim, and the person he or she chooses is not always obvious. Anyone who might find themselves in a threatening scenario of any kind should be prepared with a solid plan of self-defense and, due to its unmatched adaptability, the stun baton is a good choice for most strategies.

elderly adults stun gun quote


It’s important to note that, by law, not everyone can or should own a stun baton. We are unable to sell stun batons to residents of California, Hawaii, or Rhode Island; to those under the age of 18; or to those with a legal disability. Residents of Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wisconsin must have a concealed carry permit to carry any kind of stun gun. Make sure to check all of your state and city stun gun laws before purchasing one of these weapons.


The Home Security Superstore offers a comprehensive selection of stun gun batons, ranging from compact, lightweight styles that are great for the car and travel to full-featured, high-voltage batons that are suitable for military and police applications. Based on our personal experience with these devices, as well as ratings from our customers, the following models are the top stun gun batons for general use:

  1. Entry-Level: The JOLT Peacemaker Stun Gun Baton – Ringing up for under $30, the Jolt Peacemaker is an affordable option for the stun gun first-timer. It offers a reasonable 6-million volts of stopping power, so not a high-voltage shock, but certainly enough to intimidate, scare, and ultimately apprehend.  Measuring 14.25 inches long, it’s smaller and less powerful than the rest of the options on this list, but the Peacemaker is fully loaded with great features.
  2. Entry-Level Mini: Streetwise Mini Barbarian Stun Gun Baton – The miniature version of the top-selling Streetwise Barbarian offers 9-million volts of power coupled with a 14-inch spiked baton that would scare off any threat. It’s quite affordable, at $33, but still offers plenty of hard-hitting features to keep you safe, including the Triple Stun Technology with three points for a larger stun radius, plus a built-in CREE three-watt light with a blinding effect. 
  3. A Step Up: Streetwise Barbarian LED Stun Gun Baton – Many people love the aforementioned features of the Mini Barbarian but prefer a little extra length. This version offers the same 9-million volts of power in the form of three electrifying sparks, but with a threatening 19-inch baton and a loud spark sound that frightens and pacifies any assailant. The 180-lumen tactical flashlight offers a lifespan of 1000,000 hours and has three light modes. The regular-sized Streetwise Barbarian is about $10 more than the mini style, at $44.
  4. Mid-Range: Safety Tech Rechargeable Stun Gun Baton – For something a little bit more powerful but no less compact, look at the small but mighty Safety Tech Stun Gun Baton. Ringing up for under $50, this efficient stun baton flashlight delivers 12-million volts of electricity, immediately stopping any perpetrator in his tracks. The electricity is delivered through top prongs and side strips, so grabbing it is off the table for your target. Since it measures only 12 inches long and weighs just 1.3 pounds, this is a solid option to keep on your utility belt or in your backpack, purse, or vehicle.
  5. Top-Tier: ZAP LED Stun Gun Walking Cane – Though it brings much less shocking power than the options above, this ZAP stun gun baton is extremely popular among our customers because it’s a discreet weapon that no one will suspect, featuring a 1-million volt stun gun concealed inside a basic-looking walking cane. At around $80, this brilliant undercover self-defense tool features 7.5 inches of electrodes around the bottom plus an ultra-bright LED flashlight. The cane function is pretty useful, too, and it has a 250-pound weight capacity.

ZAP LED Stun Gun Walking Cane

ZAP LED Stun Gun Walking Cane


With its intimidating nature and unmatched ability to apprehend from afar, the baton stun gun is one of the very best self-defense options for anyone seeking a versatile, powerful defense. Whether you’re a security professional, a law enforcement officer, or simply a citizen who feels unsafe when walking around alone at night, no tool does quite as much to keep you feeling safe as the stun baton. If you’re ready to buy one, The Home Security Superstore is happy to help you find the right one for your budget and needs.


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