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What Can Off-Duty Police Security Do for Your Business?

As a leader in Kentucky business security, CornerStone Protection offers more than just alarm systems and other security products. In our mission to help local businesses find the best off-duty services available, we also arrange off-duty police security services for a wide range of security concerns.

We choose to work with law enforcement instead of regular security guards because we believe trained police officers offer the best protection for Kentucky businesses. With real police officers on the scene, business owners can rest assured that they have security personnel that will perform with the highest levels of professionalism.

Police Security Services for Businesses in Kentucky, USA

When you hire off-duty police officers, you have several options for the types of security services they can provide. In this post, we are going to look at some of the ways off-duty police services can help your business.

  • Retail Operations
  • Event Security
  • Patrol Services
  • Door Guards
  • Cargo Protection
  • Residential Security
  • Construction Site Guards
  • Large Facilities
  • Office Buildings

1. Retail Operations

The managers of retail operations have to safeguard the merchandise and property of the business. Along with that, you are also responsible for the safety of employees and customers. With off-duty law enforcement services at your store, you get a professional that will be able to help with loss prevention initiatives while also helping to maintain security and safety at your location. With off-duty police from CornerStone Protection, retail stores can have services like:

  • Posted guards at the entrance
  • Guards to patrol different areas of the store
  • Increased protection for holiday traffic
  • Guards to watch your parking lot
  • Maintain security when you close up for the night

off duty law enforcement services cornerstone protection

2. Event Security

Off-duty services can provide the ideal security solution for business owners who are planning an event. Police officers are trained to deal with crowds and they know how to manage security and safety at events that have many people. When you hire our police officers for an event, you can get services like:

  • Patrolling guards
  • Guards for the entrances and exits
  • Security for the parking lot
  • VIP Protection
  • Crowd management

3. Patrol Services

While a standing guard can be a good option for many businesses, patrol services might be necessary for some businesses. Off-duty police officers already have the training and experience to perform effective security guard patrols and they can work in a variety of different settings. Some of our off-duty patrol services include:

  • Foot patrols
  • Vehicle patrols
  • Patrol for large complexes
  • Parking lot patrols
  • Patrolling hotels
  • Patrol for residential buildings

4. Door Guards

For some businesses, maintaining safety and security is dependent upon having a security professional posted at the entry points to the business. With a real police officer at your door, you can rest assured that you have a high-quality professional watching over your entrance. We can provide the following services as door guards:

  • Controlling access
  • Preventing intrusion
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Safeguarding the premises

off duty security services cornerstone protection

5. Cargo Protection

The transportation of valuable cargo can be an attractive target for criminals. Whether it is expensive merchandise, equipment or any other piece of high-value cargo, you want to know that it is protected from potential thieves. Off-duty services from CornerStone Protection can ride along with your cargo to make sure it makes it safely to its destination. You can also hire added guards to ride in a separate vehicle to follow the cargo and add an extra layer of protection.

6. Residential Security

Residential communities are at risk for all sorts of crimes. If you manage a residential building or a larger community, having off-duty police can be a great way to prevent property crime and to keep your residents safe. Our off-duty security guards can offer the following services for residential communities:

  • Security for apartment buildings
  • Security for HOAs
  • Guards for the entrance to a community
  • Guards for the entrance to a residential building
  • Patrol services for buildings and communities

7. Construction Site Guards

Construction sites can be an attractive target for different types of criminals. Some may want to steal expensive equipment or materials. Along with that, you also have the risk of vandalism if the site is left unguarded at night. With the help of off-duty officers, you can use the following services to keep your construction operation safe and secure:

  • Overnight guards
  • Standing guards
  • Patrol services
  • Protection for expensive equipment and materials

8. Large Facilities

Large facilities can come with a range of complex security concerns. The size of a facility can make it difficult to watch over everything. If there are several buildings, it can be difficult to maintain safety and security in every part of the facility. Fortunately, professional police officers excel at managing the unique challenges that come with security at a large facility.

  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Petrochemical plants

off duty security guard services cornerstone protection

9. Office Buildings

A large office building can face any number of security concerns. You have the size of the building as one challenge to maintaining security. Along with that, you also have to consider all of the people who may need to come in and out of the building. An off-duty police officer will have the training and experience that is necessary to handle these security concerns. If you are looking for security for an office building, our officers can help with:

  • Guarding the front door
  • Patrolling the building
  • Guarding the parking lot

Off-duty services can offer a variety of different security solutions for your business. These professionals have dedicated their lives to protecting the public and they have the skills and training to provide enhanced security while also acting in a professional way.

If your Kentucky business needs off-duty security services, contact CornerStone Protection. We can arrange for an array of different services for all sorts of different businesses. Contact our team to get started on improving the security of your business. During the free consultation, we can help you determine which security solutions are right for your company.


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