11 Outstanding Features of Kaiser+ Digital Locks to Secure Your Home

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Kaiser+ digital locks are specially designed and innovated to greatly match Singapore’s metal gates and main door, whether it is HDB or condo. Kaiser+ digital door locks, gate locks, or glass door locks offer you with easy access options that grant you maximum security, comfort, and convenience. This digital lock is quite user-friendly with advanced access and security options to make your life more simple. Do check out this digital lock at our Go Digital Lock showroom and make your purchase.

What are the access options for Kaiser+ digital door lock?

Kaiser+ digital door locks allow you to enter the PIN from 4-12 digits. You can set the PIN according to your convenience to deliver you the utmost security.

  • Access using RFID card / RFID tag key

RFID card / RFID tag key easily allows you to unlock the door or gate. They work by transmitting the signal to the card reader incorporated into the device. The door lock is opened once the signal is recognized.

  • Unlock using fingerprint access

With fingerprint access, you can easily open the door with a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. Experience precise and quick access with optical fingerprint authentication. There is no need to worry about memorizing a password.

  • Remote control offers easy access

This feature allows you to unlock your door remotely. The remote-control door lock is designed and works similar to a car key fob wherein the moment you press the button the door is easily unlocked.

  • Unlock your door via Bluetooth

You can also unlock the door via Bluetooth which is considered as a remote access. Once you transmit a signal or code from your iPhone or your smartphone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. You can also make an attempt to share this code with your friends and family.

  • Open your door using WiFi

Kaiser+ digital door locks are enabled with WiFi wherein you can unlock your door from any place using an active WiFi connection on your phone. This WiFi (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri) enabled digital locks also allow you to send digital keys to people so that you can set exact parameters for time-based access. This makes it super easy for workers, guests, or housekeepers to unlock your door or gate only at specific times.

  • Unlock your door using mechanical keys

Mechanical keys are provided with this digital lock. You can also unlock your door using mechanical keys.
Other awesome features for Kaiser+ digital door lock:

Kaiser+ digital door locks possess an advanced sensor that detects fire and automatically offers you easy access. Also, the door will automatically open once this lock senses heat above 70℃.

The digital door lock diagnoses various issues of the system automatically, making you aware of those problems and the time to exchange batteries through alarm sound.

If you are staying in a location where the area is more prone to thieves then Kaiser+ digital door locks detect and analyze signals and trigger an alarm to drive away from the thief.

The imaginary number feature conceals your original password from getting exposed by allowing you to add some random numbers.


Besides this, there are many more awesome features of Kaiser+ digital door locks to offer outstanding protection to you and your property. Consider visiting our Go Digital Lock showroom and check out this product to deliver you with high security and comfort.



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